Do you need public liability coverage for a food truck?


One of the advantages of running a food truck rather than a traditional cafe or restaurant is that less effort is necessary to maintain the dining room. However just because you are on the road and don't provide people with somewhere specific to eat doesn't mean that you don't need public liability insurance. 

Trip hazards around the van

As you set up, there will often be trip hazards around the van such as power lines. You might also choose to lay out some signs to help attract people to your van which can also end up being trip hazards. You can help to minimise the risks by clearly securing signs to posts and keeping them off the path, as well as taping down cords and power lines. 

Hot offtake fans

You'll often have vents to help circulate some cooler air inside your van to help keep the poor cooks inside from overheating as they prepare food in a small space. The hot air is often ventilated through the top of the van but you may also find that certain parts of your van get very hot to the touch. You can help manage this by directing the offtake up over the level of your customers, checking the outside temperatures of the van in operation, as well as applying insulation as needed. 

Damage when setting up

If you are setting up your food van in a tight spot, it's also too easy to hit other people's vehicles or property. Public liability insurance can help cover any costs of damage done to other's property.

Illness and injury

Another serious risk that needs to be covered is causing illness or injury to customers through your products. This can include food poisoning, viral outbreaks, and even burns from overly hot food and drinks. While you will take every effort to make sure that your food is safe, insurance provides an extra level of protection if you do find that your business is at fault. 

Many venues and festivals that allow food trucks to set up on their site require the food trucks to have public liability so that they can be sure any issues are covered. Even if it's not compulsory for your business, it's a great idea to cover your risks by having public liability insurance. This can help to ensure that your food truck has a long and successful future as a business. 


10 June 2016

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