Three Crucial Considerations for Choosing Management Liability Insurance

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Choosing the right management liability insurance policy is critical for the financial security of your business. This insurance cover will ensure that your company is protected against the losses which can be incurred due to mismanagement. If you are not covered and you cause losses to other parties, your enterprise might be crippled by the allegations of the wrongful acts. The management liability insurance will minimise the repercussions by covering claimant costs, defence or legal expenses, civil fines and investigation costs. Here are some tips to help you choose the best insurance if you are planning on purchasing this liability cover.

Check the Insurance Structure

You should evaluate the structure of your preferred management liability insurance before purchase. In simple terms, you should determine the amount of cover which will be available to your company after the purchase of the policy and how the amount will be allocated to the potential risks. Typically, there are three primary areas that must be covered: corporate liabilities, directors and officers liabilities and employment practices liabilities.

When choosing your cover, you should understand whether each of these sections will have separate covers or a single one. Simply speaking, you should know if the maximum amount of cover that you can claim after exposure is designed to cover all the vulnerabilities. This single-cover structure can be cheaper. The alternative is having separate premiums for each area, allowing you to have maximum covers for every type of exposure.

Consider the Claim Structure

The management liability insurance can be on an aggregate or any-one-claim basis. In simple terms, there is a limit to the amount of money that you can claim for your business after a mismanagement incident. If you have any-one-claim basis insurance, you can claim up to the maximum amount of money for each of the claims lodged. After claiming, the limit will not change. If your insurance cover is on an aggregate basis, the maximum amount that you can claim for the policy term will reduce as you make claims.

Inquire about EPL Claims

Finally, you should inquire about employment practices liabilities and the restrictions which might be in place for your chosen insurance. EPL claims are quite common in comparison to other areas of management liabilities insurance. Therefore, there are special rules which might apply. For example, higher prices might be required in comparison to other areas, and the cover might not protect against all liabilities. It is important to check the details for the best coverage.


23 May 2018

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